Blasting Sorcerer


Ganj Aurix, level 1 Dragonborn, Sorcerer Build: Dragon Sorcerer Spell Source: Dragon Magic Dragon Soul: Dragon Soul Fire Dragon Breath Key Ability: Dragon Breath Strength Dragon Breath Damage Type: Dragon Breath Fire Background: Dragon-Blooded Spellcaster, Early Life – Lost Everything, Pivotal Event – You Die, Pivotal Event – Murder (Perception class skill)

ABILITY SCORES Str 16 Con 12 Dex 13 Int 11 Wis 10 Cha 18

AC: 15 Fort: 13 Reflex: 11 Will: 16 HP: 24 Surges: 7 Surge Value: 7

TRAINED SKILLS Arcana +5 Perception +5 Intimidate +11 Athletics +8

UNTRAINED SKILLS Acrobatics +1 Bluff +4 Diplomacy +4 Dungeoneering Endurance +1 Heal History +2 Insight Nature Religion Stealth +1 Streetwise +4 Thievery +1

FEATS Level 1: Armor Proficiency (Leather)

POWERS Sorcerer at-will 1: Burning Spray Sorcerer at-will 1: Acid Orb Sorcerer encounter 1: Tempest Breath Sorcerer daily 1: Lightning Breath

ITEMS Adventurer’s Kit Climber’s Kit Everburning Torch Inquisitive’s Kit Leather Armor Sling Sling Bullets (100) Dagger (2) Javelin (18) Unidentified Magic Dagger


Ganj is creative, honorable, logical, and generally quite friendly. While he values honor, he does not let it override his logic.When hearing about new theories and ideas he has a tendency to become very animated and excited, pacing and gesticulating as he vocally works them out. A drive in him can be seen to turn these theories into clear understandings. He is always pleased to come across others who excel in the Arcane studies, so he can pick their brains for new information. Whenever he comes across the lore of his kind it evokes a thrill in him, and a desire to learn more. Although he is a rational being, if he comes into contact with news regarding his massacred village, Zmaj or the marauders, he becomes temperamental and erratic.

Ganj is built pretty typical for a Dragonborn. Though he isn’t as large as fighters of his race, he isn’t as diminutive as one would expect a caster to be. He has a well-toned, muscular body structure and gold scales that have a radiant luster when light reflects off them. He has long scaled conoid hair that gently helixes around. His serpent-like eyes are cerulean and glow whenever he uses arcane abilities. Menacingly clawed hands and feet protrude from his bracers and greaves, though he rarely (if ever) uses them for harm. There is a scar on the front and back of his torso from where he was ran through. Patterns of Draconic symbols can be found all over his body, though their meaning is shrouded in mystery.

He wears a ragged, hooded, leather long-coat that has various pockets, buckles and straps on it. A carefully made slit up the back of the coat allows his tail to move freely. The sleeves of his coat appear to have been torn off and on his shoulders are a pair of layered leather plates. Beneath his coat he wears no shirt, though cloth bindings around his abdomen are visible. He has leather bracers covering his forearms and wears a large, double-wrap leather belt with a large gold buckle in the shape of a dragon head. On one side of his belt buckle, there is an old sling with a bag full of bullets, and on the other side there is a belt pouch. Hidden, he has two wicked looking daggers crossed in sheathes on the back of his belt that when drawn are held with the blade facing down. Leather plates similar to those on his shoulders reside on his thighs. His tanned, leather pants are tucked into his leather greaves. His greaves, bracers, and shoulder pads are all covered in Draconic symbols similar to the ones on his tattoos. Slung over his shoulders are the straps to his ratty, old backpack that has his bedroll strapped to the bottom.

Ganj had always had a natural talent for sorcery, even before he knew it. He would cast spells without even thinking about it, as if it were second nature. The other young Dragonborn all thought it was quite odd and all had different reactions. Some were frightened of it and just plain avoided him. Some were dazzled by it and flocked to him. Some of them even hated it, and took any chance they could to pick on him, though without much success. His abilities went a little haywire, causing a fire here or there or some other such mishap.

Once he had attempted to light a chicken’s tailfeathers (as a mischievous harmless prank of course) on fire and accidentally put too much power into it. This resulted in the chicken launching as if it were a rocket. Needless to say, the elders weren’t too happy about that incident, nor were the chicken’s owners, nor the people whose hut the chicken went through. Usually though, his mishaps were mostly harmless and as such were almost always forgiven. The elder Dragonborn in the clan understood he was different, as there had been a few clan members with similar abilities in the past. Unfortunately for Ganj, there were no current sorcerers in the clan. Due to this, he had to learn to control his powers on his own for the most part.

Zmaj, a Dragonborn that had hatched around the same time Ganj had, taught him to control his breathing and learn to focus. Like the majority of the clan, Zmaj had been gifted in physical prowess and had become an accomplished Avenger at a young age. He had trained with some of the greatest champions of the clan and had always watched over Ganj as if he were his younger brother. So when Ganj started having trouble controlling his abilities, Zmaj told him of a method his mentor had taught him about focusing. He told him to close his eyes and imagine nothing, just darkness, a void. Then to create a flame within his mind, focus all of his energy on that flame, then finally to imagine himself as the flame.

Sure enough, after a few months of training, Ganj learned to control his sorcerous abilities. In the time Ganj had been training, Zmaj had been training in that time and honing his abilities as well. He suggested to Ganj that they travel around Toril a bit more, meet new people, learn as much as they could, and experience the world for what it is. It didn’t take much convincing to get Ganj to go, as he had been wanting to leave for some time. He wanted to experience more and learn about the world as Zmaj had suggested, but he also wanted to learn more about his gifts and more about the magic of the world.

As they were preparing to leave, they both heard screams from outside their homes. The village was being attacked by a horde of ravenous marauders. They both rushed towards the center of the village (as per the emergency plan that was set forth by the elders) fighting through as many of the marauders as they could on the way. Amidst the chaos, a Drow snuck up on Ganj and ran him through with his sword. Ganj fell to his knees, looking down in shock at the blade sticking through his chest. As the blade withdrew, he fell forward. Zmaj went into a rage and the ferocity of his assault was staggering, sending some of the marauders running.

Some time later Ganj awoke to the smell of death and smoke. He felt his chest for the wound and was surprised to find that it had closed and all that remained was a scar. The last thing he remembered seeing was Zmaj being overrun by the creatures as they all piled on him. There were a few creatures left looting some of the bodies of his freshly slain kin. The chaos had ended and the village was left in ruins. The ground was like a sea of corpses, the marauders mixed in with the Dragonborn in an orgy of death. He slowly sat up so as not to alert his enemies and blasted the closest marauders with sorcerous energy, blowing the head off of one and a hole through another one’s chest. He roared at the top of his lungs and a huge flame laced with arcs of lightning came spewing forth. The combination of energies easily fried the remaining scavengers, their charred flesh leaving an even more putrid stench in the air. With the last of the marauders seemingly dead, the town was eerily silent save for the sound crackling of some fires. It was then that he realized the gravity of the situation, with his entire clan lying dead at his feet.

After some time mourning the loss of everyone he had ever known, he gathered up the corpses of his fallen friends and family. He built a pyre with whatever wood he could find and burned them, giving them the honorable funeral that they all deserved. He left the corpses of the marauders, even kicking a few and blasting some of them fits of rage. He noticed that amongst the corpses though, there was not even the smallest trace of Zmaj. Knowing Zmaj, there was no way he willingly walked away from this though. He was either dragged away fighting, or something much worse happened. Ganj pushed the thoughts out of his mind and went back to his home to gather as many salvageable things as he could. He remembered that as he was gathering his kin, he noticed a mark on the marauders, similar to a brand. He committed the symbol to memory and set off to lands unknown to find his answers, stopping one last time to look back at his ruined past. He briefly remembered some of his interaction with his clan and felt a warm feeling in his chest, as if Bahamut himself was telling him to “remember the good times”.

His travels eventually brought him to Waterdeep, a city known as much for it’s information trade as it’s goods trade. He figured that any of these sources of information could lead him to his “brother” or the organization that attacked his village. After asking around town, he was directed to the Trades Ward, to a tavern/inn called “The Rotten Goat”.